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Coronavirus Update

 See New 2021 timetable for up to date class information


Online Interactive Classes available using Zoom (Free Software)

FREE Online Interactive Classes for those over 70 and self isolating.

Outdoor and Online Personal Training only until further notice


Rating : Excellent

'The style of Yoga suits me. I have never been interested in Yoga before but after attending just a few of Emma's classes I can see a lot of improvements and want to continue. As a beginner I like building on the Yoga moves each week as it increases my confidence and I can see how much progress I am making.'

Chris Archer - Yoga for Runners

Rating : Excellent

'I have been going to Osteopaths for over a decade to help with various sporting injuries including lower back issues and decided to give Emma's Yoga Classes a try. It has been fantastic in developing core strength and helping my back and past injuries and (touch wood) am now able to do my sports with no pain. I am really quite surprised how big a difference it has made. I wish I had started Emma's Yoga Classes decades ago and would recommend everyone to try them as it is fun and helps with your well being.'

Emma Merriweather - Vinyasa/Yin Yoga

Rating : Excellent

I feel energised, relaxed and in a good mood after the yoga classes. I also sleep really well afterwards. Very good classes which never get boring!

Marina Bobeldijk- Vinyasa/Yin Yoga

'I’ve really enjoyed Emma's Yoga classes so far and believe they've helped my knee problems.'

Fiona Richards -Hatha Restorative Yoga

Rye, Tenterden, St Michaels

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