Yoga for Cyclists Masterclasses coming soon...

April 24, 2017

Did you know that...


  • Yoga Breath Control Techniques (Pranayama) and postures (Asanas) can increase the amount of oxygen entering the body. More oxygen = INCREASED PERFORMANCE.


  • Yoga techniques can help reduce recovery time and tame the 'monkey mind' (nerves and emotional stress) helping increase performance when it counts.


  • Lower back, neck and knee pain are some of the areas of most common overuse injuries (i.e. repetitive movements or holding the same position) for Cyclists. Yoga can reduce or eradicate pain in these and other areas.


Low back pain causes more disability than any other condition, affecting 1 in 10 people and becoming more common with increasing age. Recent NICE Recommendations (National Insitute of Health and Care Excellence 2017) recommends exercise in all its forms - for example Yoga, stretching and strengthening - as the first step in managing the condition.






During the masterclasses we will be moving through a series of postures that are accessible to all, with additional counterposes to our regular every day actions, that facilitate unhealthy postural habits. 


Also exploring body awareness and in some detail causes and prevention of lower back, neck and knee pain as well as a variety of breathing techniques to help with performance including recovery from exercise.


Yoga can provide a place totally away from competitiveness and the emphasis is on a relaxed and non-serious atmosphere enabling an enjoyable as well as informative experience.


Our first Cyclist Masterclass of 2017 is due to run on July 23rd at Kingdom Penshurst, Grove Road, TN11 8 at 4.00pm

Cost £15 p/p


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