Rye, Tenterden, Lewes


Rating : Excellent

'I have been going to Osteopaths for over a decade to help with various sporting injuries including lower back issues and decided to give Emma's Yoga Classes a try. It has been fantastic in developing core strength and helping my back and past injuries and (touch wood) am now able to do my sports with no pain. I am really quite surprised how big a difference it has made. I wish I had started Emma's Yoga Classes decades ago and would recommend everyone to try them as it is fun and helps with your well being.'

Emma Merriweather

Rating : Excellent

I feel energised, relaxed and in a good mood after the yoga classes. I also sleep really well afterwards. Very good classes which never get boring!

Marina Bobeldijk

'My low blood pressure and anaemia are so much better when I attend regularly - and I'm so much more relaxed! Thanks for such inclusive and amazing classes - you've definitely saved my sanity after a tough week many a time!'

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