'Yoga is an ancient science, tried and tested over thousands of years – where much can be learned and applied to everything, including modern day sports - with huge benefits such as increasing performance and preventing injury. I am keenly interested in our truly awe inspiring capabilities as human beings and providing everyone with techniques to assist them to achieve their full potential.'




Emma Cutler is an experienced Yoga Teacher who has comprehensive training in Yin Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Traditional Indian Yoga with an area of specialism in Yoga for Cyclists. (RYT 500hr) and registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Other qualifications include Personal Training (CYQ), Sports Massage Therapy (ITEC), Gym Instructor (CYQ), Exercise to Music (CYQ) Indoor Cycling, Combat Fitness Instructor (AMAC) and Aromatherapy Massage (IIHHT)

'I began my own Yoga journey around 2001 and in this time had some hugely inspiring and wonderful teachers including Swami Ji who was based at the Patanjali Yoga Centre in Battle, East Sussex as well as Yogacharya Lalit in Goa, India. I was blessed to spend five weeks training in Goa during the early part of 2017.

Since graduating in 2015 and combined with my enthusiasm and interest in my own growth as a teacher I have completed over 4000 hours teaching time, I consider myself a people person and do my best to cater for everyone and make their experience relaxing, enjoyable and fun with an emphasis on self exploration and personal growth within their practice.


My background is in sports in particular off road cycling (Mountain Biking) where I participated in racing as well as road racing for a number of years and I have a specialism in Yoga for Cyclists as part of my 500 hour RYT training.. I have taken part in a number of National Races  twice winning the 24 Hour Solo UK & European MTB Championships in age category and WEMBO (World Endurance MTB Championships) in 2014 gaining 10th Overall Position and 2nd Place in Category.

'Over time I found that cycling was taking its toll on my body and my posture. Yoga has enabled me, amongst so many other things, to undo some of the stiffness created from continually locking into a similar position thus enabling better breathing and helping prevent any reduction in cardiovascular fitness as a result.


Along my journey I have witnessed the benefits and the importance of Pranayama Yoga breathing techniques. There are scientifically proven increases in respiratory function and some are quite considerable. This could potentially result in serious increases in performance for any athlete but of course with huge benefits for anyone with a regular yoga practice.''


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