Online Classes

I was not keen on trying yoga online, as I wasn't sure I would enjoy doing it on my own and I am not very savvy when it comes to technology.  But I missed the classes, so I thought I would give it a try.

Emma offers a set-up tutorial and was very patient and helpful in setting up my laptop and the area I was to use for the class.

I have really enjoyed the Yin classes on-line and it really works well for me. Emma's instructions and helpful tips when moving from pose to pose are very clear - you could easily do the whole class with your eyes shut!

Please don't stop doing these classes Emma, it is a life-line for us folks stuck 'home alone'..

Kathy Corby

Online Classes

I have been an attendee of Emma's online Zoom Monday evening Yin classes for the last 3 months. Emma always manages to choreograph a different combination of postures, with options to suit each participant and keeps the classes fresh and interesting. However, the one constant is that by the end of the session I am feeling at peace, restful and ready for bed. I look forward to Emma's classes and find they have helped me enormously during these unsettling times.

Denise Kendrick 

First Class Feedback

Dear Emma,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed the Yoga Class at London Beach yesterday. evening. It was well organised and felt comfortable for social distancing since you made a point at the start of asking us to keep our mats 2m apart. I'm more or less totally new to Yoga, having only been to a few classes at the Leisure Centre about 15 years ago., but you always gave a clear position instruction with options for easier/more advanced versions and some good individual cues for adjusting the positions too, and all without feeling bombarded with information, which is quite a skill.

I didn't realise quite how tense, tight my shoulders were until we lay down at the start of the class-something I will have to work on - but I did feel better aligned, gently stretched and beautifully relaxed by the end so just wanted to write and say thank you and that I thought it was great.

Kate Wilson

Rating : Excellent

'The style of Yoga suits me. I have never been interested in Yoga before but after attending just a few of Emma's classes I can see a lot of improvements and want to continue. As a beginner I like building on the Yoga moves each week as it increases my confidence and I can see how much progress I am making.'

Chris Archer - Yoga for Runners


Rating : Excellent

'I have been going to Osteopaths for over a decade to help with various sporting injuries including lower back issues and decided to give Emma's Yoga Classes a try. It has been fantastic in developing Core Strength and helping my back and past injuries and (touch wood) am now able to do my sports with no pain. I am really quite surprised how big a difference it has made. I wish I had started Emma's Yoga Classes decades ago and would recommend everyone to try them as it is fun and helps with your well being.'

Emma Merrifield


Rating : Excellent

'I feel energised, relaxed and in a good mood after the yoga classes. I also sleep really well afterwards. Very good classes which never get boring!'

Marina Bobeldijk

'Having had a localised hip issue for a period of time, I found after only five weekly sessions in the Beginner's Class, I was able to do up my shoes again without difficulty. Quality of life is much improved and now I realise there is much more to Yoga than meets the eye!'


'Enjoyable session again. Fitness already improving after a 10 month lay-off'

'My low blood pressure and anaemia are so much better when I attend regularly - and I'm so much more relaxed! Thanks for such inclusive and amazing classes - you've definitely saved my sanity after a tough week many a time!'

'Calming, makes me feel stronger both physically and mentally'

'I really enjoy all of your classes and it always make me feel better, more relaxed and I hate missing class'

'Regular attendance makes a big difference if you wish to improve. Helps reduce injuries when taking part in other sports'

'Definitely more flexible, always leave with a sense of wellbeing'

'My posture already feels better, even after one session'

'Unlike my fellow triathletes a winter/spring without injury and huge improvement with hip pain after hard, hilly runs which before beginning classes was an issue'

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